Register as a Donation Point

The Containers for Change scheme provides an exciting opportunity for community groups and charities to benefit from donations by registering as Donation Points where Queenslanders can donate their eligible containers. Schools, sports groups, community groups or not-for-profit organisations can get involved.

Donation Points can be physical, virtual or both:


Physical Donation Points – you and your community can donate eligible containers to an organisation by returning containers to the physical location of a Donation Point.


Virtual Donation Points –any Queenslander can donate to your organisation from anywhere in the state. When you register as a Donation Point, you will get a scheme ID which people can provide at Container Refund Points to donate their containers to your organisation. People will be able to use the organisation’s scheme ID at any RVM, drop-off or depot in Queensland so their refund is electronically transferred to the designated Donation Point.

Register now

To register as a Donation Point, please visit the Containers for Change website.

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For more information, about how community groups and charities can get involved, please see the Containers for Change website.