Registering as part of the scheme

To be able to receive container refunds as donations, you first need to make sure your charity or group signs up for a Scheme ID.

As we need to verify your charity status, please allow a couple of weeks for us to email your Scheme ID. Once you have received this Scheme ID, anyone can choose to donate their container refund by quoting the number when cashing in their containers.

Register for a Scheme ID

As a community group there are two ways you can start to raise funds via Containers for Change – by taking physical donations of containers or virtual donations of refunds.

Physical donation points

You and members of your community can donate eligible containers to an organisation by returning containers to the physical location of a donation point.

As a charity or community group you have two options:

1. Partnering or registering with a container refund point operator(s) in your area

Access local container collection infrastructure (like cages, bins or trailers) for events or activities.

Container refund point operators who collect more than five million containers a year are required to make container collection infrastructure available free-of-charge for use by community organisations.

To confirm who is operating in your location click below, or call the Contact Centre on 13 42 42.

Check Your Location

2. Becoming a container refund point in your own right

If you choose to do this, your organisation will be required to collect eligible containers and pay the 10 cent refund to people returning containers. In return you will receive a handling fee for each container returned.

This option may only be available in areas in locations where more container refund points are needed. To find out more email us here.

Virtual donation points

Once you’ve registered your charity or group with the Containers for Change scheme through the website and have a Scheme ID, any Queenslander can choose to donate to your organisation from anywhere in the state.

Supporters can return their containers using their preferred charity or community group’s Scheme ID at any container refund point in Queensland and their refund will be electronically transferred to the organisation’s bank account.

Social investment

As well as providing environmental benefits as a result of recycling, the Containers for Change scheme also provides benefits to charities, sports and community groups and not-for-profit organisations. This can include creating new jobs and increasing fundraising opportunities across rural, regional and remote areas.

One community embracing the scheme and seeing the benefits is Cherbourg in south-west Queensland.

exchange donation point staff

The Cherbourg community

Located three hours north-west of Brisbane, Cherbourg is a small Indigenous community with a population of around 1,200. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it is the most disadvantaged community in Australia, with only 4.1% of young people in work, school or training. However, by using the Containers for Change scheme, the Cherbourg community is changing this statistic.

In 2009, the Cherbourg Regional Council started a recycling program in an old shed once used as a tannery, where materials were collected in the bucket of a front-end loader.

In its first year of operation, the centre processed 250 tonnes of recyclable material. Community members soon realised the amount of recyclable material in the area far exceeded what they could process.

Seed funding from the Queensland Government enabled expansion of the original operation into a new purpose-built shed, and the hiring of an additional seven workers from the local community. Cleanaway has also supported the enterprise, leasing the site a baling machine for $1.00 a year for the next six years.

The Cherbourg centre is the first Queensland recycling plant in an Aboriginal community and a great success, according to local mayor, Arnold Murray.

“It means more full-time employment, which is good for these fellas and good for our communities and families,” Mr Murray said.

The centre aims to process 10,000 tonnes of recyclable waste a year, increasing opportunities for employment as the site grows. The site is now processing containers from Murgon, Kilkivan and expects to accept material from Gympie refund points for processing in the near future.

Cherbourg Regional Council Manager and Project Coordinator Andrew Beckett said the new centre has been the result of nearly a decade of work.

“It’s great to think we have a future in the recycling industry,” Mr Beckett said.

“There’s the potential for even greater benefit for the local community as demand rises.

“People from as far afield as Kingaroy and Nanango are travelling to Cherbourg to return their containers for cash.

“I’m proud to say that the staff’s work ethic, level of service and communication have kept people coming back to the facility.

“We’ve proven we’ve got capacity, we’re competent, and more than that – we’re committed,” he said.

exchange donation point staff

It means more full-time employment, which is good for these fellas and good for our communities and families.

Arnold Murray – Local Mayor
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