Making the change that matters

Container Exchange is appointed by the Queensland government to manage and grow Queensland’s container refund scheme – Containers for Change.

Since the launch of the scheme in November 2018, Container Exchange has overseen the creation of significant and meaningful change for the people of Queensland. We are proud to be tasked with delivering a state based scheme that continues to deliver positive social, environmental and economic impacts across the state.

Our not-for-profit status drives us to invest where it matters to ensure all Queenslanders can access the benefits Containers for Change brings to individuals, charities, community groups and social enterprises across the state.

Circular economy

Our role

Container Exchange works with a range of businesses who play important roles in delivering the Containers for Change scheme.

The scheme is funded by beverage manufacturers who’s contributions cover the costs of container refunds and scheme operations. Queensland consumers receive 10-cents for each eligible container returned via our container refund point network and can choose to keep their refunds or donate it to a local charity, school or community group.

COEX contracts container refund point operators to count and process containers which are then transported to processing facilities by logistics companies. Our processors prepare material for sale to our panel of accredited recyclers who then work with remanufacturers to turn the material into new products.

Our strategic plan details our focus for the financial year ahead

We take a data driven approach to identifying growth opportunities across Queensland.

Using customer insights, collection trends and regional performance we focus our activities on initiatives best set up to deliver positive impact for our customers and the wider scheme.

Key highlights

7.3 b
containers collected through container refund points and material recovery facilities since the scheme’s commencement in November 2018.
181 m
containers were collected in January 2023 across the scheme. 5 million (2.8%) higher than same period last year.
3 b
containers have been sold in Queensland in the past 12 months – 3.7% higher than last year.

We know how we are tracking

Our Annual Reports shine a light on the people, communities and organisations making real change through the Containers for Change scheme.

Learn more about our progress, achievement’s and financial performance as well as our future plans.

View our Annual Report