1 Mar 2024

Clean up with 10-cent refunds from littered containers this Clean Up Australia Day


Queenslanders are being encouraged to “clean up” with recycling refunds this Clean Up Australia Day by returning littered containers through Containers for Change.   

Container Exchange CEO Natalie Roach said collecting containers during Clean Up Australia Day events was a great way to pocket extra change or support a community group or charity by donating your 10-cent refunds.  

“Clean Up Australia Day is a great opportunity to turn trash into treasure while helping our environment,” Ms Roach said.  

“By recycling containers collected during Clean Up events with Containers for Change, Queenslanders can bolster their wallets or support local charities and community groups with the refunds earned. 

“With glass wine and spirit bottles now part of Containers for Change, the rewards are even greater,” she said. 

Ms Roach said Containers for Change was committed to inspiring Queenslanders across the state to get behind litter reduction efforts. 

“The number of drink containers ending up as litter and landfill has reduced dramatically since Containers for Change began in 2018,” Ms Roach said.  

“Before 2018, only 18 per cent of drink containers were being recovered and recycled in Queensland. That recovery rate has now increased to around 64 per cent. Despite this progress drink containers are still ending up in our parks, bushland and on our world-famous beaches. 

“In Clean Up Australia’s Queensland litter report for FY2023, beverage containers were the fourth most found item at Clean Up survey sites, making up 11.5 per cent of the litter stream.  

“With more work to be done, Clean Up Australia Day is a great opportunity for Queenslanders who haven’t already done so to start their Containers for Change journey and enjoy the benefits.” 

Ms Roach said more than 7.8 billion drink containers had been returned via Containers for Change refund points across the state since it began. 

“At a time when many are facing cost of living pressures, Containers for Change has returned more than $780 million to Queenslanders’ back pockets through 10-cent refunds. 

“This includes almost $12 million paid to charities and community groups, which is so important when those groups are also facing increased costs like everyone else.” 

Ms Roach said getting started with Containers for Change was now easier than ever.  

“Customers can download the Containers for Change app to keep track of their refunds and select their preferred container refund point from depots, 24-hour bag drops, self-serve reverse vending machine kiosks or even free home collection in some areas,” she said. 

More information about Containers for Change can be found at: www.containersforchange.com.au/qld 




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