24 May 2024

Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation to benefit from donation bins 

Saving lives while helping save the environment is the goal of a groundbreaking partnership between the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation, Containers for Change and Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service.

Through this collaboration, Containers for Change bins have been strategically placed throughout both the back and front of house at Cairns Hospital, enabling patients, visitors, and staff to conveniently donate their empty drink containers.

Funds generated through the 10-cent refund for each container will be donated to the Foundation, furthering their impactful initiatives to support the health and well-being of the Far North community.

Foundation CEO Gina Hogan said she and the team were thrilled to be involved.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility within our community,” Mrs Hogan said.

“Every container recycled not only helps reduce waste but also generates funds that support vital health care services in Far North Queensland. And seeing as Cairns Hospital is situated right on the beautiful Cairns Esplanade, we’re all very environmentally conscious as it is,” she said.

“We’re not sure where it will end up in terms of how much it raises, but there are bins at 34 wards around the hospital as well as dCafe and SeaBreeze Café at Cairns Hospital, so we’re hopeful of some great outcomes.”

Natalie Roach, chief executive officer of Container Exchange, which runs Containers for Change in Queensland, emphasised the significant benefits of charity partnerships.

“We believe in the power of collaboration with charities and community groups to harness the benefits of Containers for Change as part of their fundraising endeavours,” Ms Roach said.

“More than $13 million in 10-cent refunds has been returned to charities and community groups since Containers for Change began and we are delighted to see the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation now also ready to reap the rewards.

“The partnership between Containers for Change, Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation, and Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service signifies our organisations’ collective commitment to the environment and community wellbeing.

“By integrating Containers for Change donation bins throughout the Cairns Hospital campus, we’re pleased to help promote sustainability, while supporting vital healthcare services in Far North Queensland.”

Ms Roach said Containers for Change had kept more than 8.3 billion drink containers from ending up as litter or landfill since its inception in 2018.

“Importantly, Containers for Change has now returned more than $830 million to the pockets of Queenslanders,” she said.

“In Cairns residents have really embraced container recycling, returning a whooping 491 million containers since 2018, which has seen more than $49 million returned to the back pockets of locals.

“In communities across the rest of Far North Queensland almost 75 million containers have been retuned for recycling, securing $7.5 million in container refunds back into the local community.

“Containers for Change is leading the way as the first container recycling program in Australia to include glass wine and spirit bottles, providing more opportunities for Queensland charities and community organisations to actively participate and raise money through 10-cent refunds.”

For further info on Containers for Change in Queensland, visit www.containersforchange.com.au/qld.

Photo on Container Exchange news page: Container Exchange CEO Natalie Roach, Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation volunteers Rod Wallace and Mark Ang and CEO Gina Hogan “cheers” to Containers for Change.

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