18 Jul 2023

EOI – ThinkImpact Social Impact Survey


ThinkImpact is seeking interested parties to share information on their business, employees and customers as part of a study which measures the social impact of Containers for Change.

The information you provide will help to communicate the difference that Containers for Change makes throughout Queensland with results published in the 2023 Container Exchange Annual Report.

As an incentive you will receive a $50 e-gift card for providing your details and completing this survey.

This request for information will take approximately 3 minutes to complete – all data will be aggregated in the final report and not identifiable to your company.

Please take the time to complete the request for information before 26 July 2023.

Click here to participate

Any questions can be directed to the Project Manager, Natasha Rees at natasha@thinkimpact.com.au.

Kind regards,

Mick Shea,
General Manager (Interim) – Operations