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Beverage Manufacturers

The Waste Reduction and Recycling Amendment Act 2017 passed by the Queensland Government requires companies that supply containers eligible for recycling under the Queensland scheme to be charged for the costs of running the scheme. As a result, beverage manufacturers will be a part of reducing the environmental impact of the beverage containers they produce.

They are required to pay per container sold by material type, which will initially be:

Material Type Cents per unit sold (ex GST)
Aluminium 9.9
Glass 10.5
HDPE 10.6
PET 10.3
LPB 10.6
Expected weighted average by number of containers sold 10.2

Please note:

  • These prices are based on container redemption rates of 38 per cent redeemed through Container Refund Points, with 25 per cent of containers redeemed at Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs). Eligible containers discarded in Council recycling bins will end up at MRFs.
  • These are the prices intended for the start of the scheme. The cost of running the scheme will change over time as more customers take up the opportunity to redeem containers.

All beverage manufacturers will be required to provide monthly declarations of the volume of beverages they have supplied in Queensland. The amount a manufacturer needs to contribute to the scheme will equal the volume of containers of each material type it has supplied in the previous month, multiplied by the scheme prices in the table above. An invoice for their share of costs will be issued to manufacturers based on the number of containers declared.


For example:

A beverage manufacturer supplied 10,000 eligible aluminium containers in the Queensland market in November 2018. Therefore, the amount payable to the scheme is:

10,000 x.9.9 cents = $990.00.

COEX will issue the manufacturer an invoice for $990.00 in December 2018.

Beverage manufacturers should be aware of several key dates:

  • 1 to 31 October 2018 – Beverage manufacturers must register all eligible containers and provide a declaration on the containers it has supplied in the previous 12-months.
  • 1 November 2018 – Queensland’s Container Refund Scheme – Containers for Change – launches
  • by 1 December 2019 – Beverage manufacturers must display the refund mark on all their eligible containers.

If you are a beverage manufacturer, it is important to understand your obligations and the likely financial impact on your business if you do not meet them. Please email to find out more.

Container Refund Point Operators

COEX has established a network of more than 260 convenient and accessible Container Refund Point (CRP) sites across the state. This will continue to expand over time, with more than 300 sites expected. These refund points are operated by a range of different organisations to provide a place where customers can return eligible containers in exchange for a 10-cent refund.

CRP Operators are the face of Containers for Change and are expected to provide high levels of customer service to ensure the experience is convenient, hassle-free and enjoyable. Duties also include:

  • collecting, counting and sorting returned containers
  • paying the refund amounts to customers
  • preparing materials for transport to a processor, and
  • assisting Donation Points during the scheme.

The Containers for Change website contains the current list of CRP sites. To register your interest in operating a CRP, please contact with your contact details and the potential location of your CRP site.

Download Beverage Manufacturer FAQs